Professional Services

1. Audits – Statutory Audits, Internal Audits and other Management Audits and Guidance on Accounting Standards and IFRS, Guidance and Opinions on Foreign Direct Inv.
2. Taxation – Tax planning, International Taxation, Tax Compliance, Opinions, Transfer Pricing Study , Income Tax Representations, Hearings, Appeals, Tribunals.
3. Service tax – Registration, Consulting, Compliance and Assessments.
4. Company law services – Company formation, Secretarial compliance
5. Exports and Imports – STPI Registration, Documentations and Tax implications.
6. Business process outsourcing – Payrolls, Taxation, Reconciliation, Assets Verification, Debtors and Creditors Management, Stocks Controls, Clearing Accounting Backlog Work, Documents Verification and other specific assignments.


1. Amalgamation, Mergers and Takeovers,
2. Business purchase and reorganization
3. Financial Strategy, Capital restructuring, Due diligence,
4. Project reports and financial projections for institutional funding,
5. Valuation and feasibility studies
6. Accounting, Audit and Procedural manuals.


1. Systems audits and review, Software systems design and functional testing activities,
2. Training on MS Excel advanced features.
3. Information systems and network security audit
4. Information Security awareness program
5. Assistance in obtaining ISO 27001 certification for IT System
6. Training on Taxation and Finance.


1. Manufacturing
2. Trading
3. Marketing
4. Construction
5. Properties
6. Transportation
7. Mutual funds
8. Financial Services
9. Exports and Imports
10. Information Technology
11. BPOs
12. Computer Training Institutes
13. Media, Printing/Publishing/Journals
14. NGOs/Trust/Societies

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